Transformers Theory; Behind the War

So I have seen the Transformers’ fandom and lived with it for the long time that I realized that Neutrals were either nonexistent or just simply disappeared. Yes, there are few characters who used to be Neutrals, but changed sides because either they lost their companion to the opposing side or by force.

In the Animated, Derrick did introduced the Neutrals, but Swindle has the Decepticon symbol so he’s more on the Decepticon’s side rather than the Neutral. However, Lockdown is the perfect example of a Neutral and what they should be.

After seeing Lockdown from Animated, I thought to myself, ‘If there’s Neutrals during the war, what do they do and why haven’t we seen them?’

The answer is simple, we overlooked them.

Neutrals, in Transformers are the Cybertronain who either share the same belief of both Autobots and Decepticons or follow the old tradition of the Council.

I wasn’t sure if someone already wrote a story about Council’s not being dead, but I’ll keep on going as a support of the theory I had thought up while working on the comic.

What if Neutrals were the ones who control the happenings of the war because they were ordered by the Council?

Think about it, both Orion and Megatronus came up to the Council to ask for the equality and the Councils saw both of them as a threat to their ‘Utopia’.

They know Megatronus is a low-class gladiator and knew that he gets irritated when he’s looked down by the higher-ups. And knew Orion is a low-class as well but still considered a higher-class because of his higher status from Megatronus.

So they thought up a plan where they will make both Orion and Megatronus go each other’s throat; by ignoring Megatronus’ plea and be interested in Orion of his speech. This would fuel Megatronus’s anger and fray the friendship both Orion and Megatronus had made.

Then they would sit back and watch to see which Cybertronian citizens were the immediate threat to their ‘Utopia’. Once Megatronus had collected his followers, they would urge Orion to receive the Leader of Matrix to defeat Megatronus (now named Megatron).

During Orion’s quest to travel down to the Spark of Primus, the Council would promote the Cybertronians to join in the ‘Autobots’ (another team to rally the group to see who’s the treat to their ‘utopia) to defeat the ‘Decepticons’. While many joined Autobots, the Councils’ main goal is to find the Cybertronians who are in between-known as Neutrals.

Once Optimus Prime came back, the Councils would fill him in on what is going on and told him that there are still many who did not wish to join either sides. Optimus Prime reluctantly agreed and lead his Autobots to fight against the Decepticons.

(At this point in time, the battle wasn’t an outright war. It’s more like a gang fight.)

While both Decepticons and Autobots were busy gang-fighting, the Councils find this opportunity to recruit the Neutrals to join them, telling them that both Decepticons and Autobots were fated to die. However, this will not happen unless the Neutrals can add fuel to their fight.

Then the Councils would announce to Optimus Prime that the Councils were long dead and would disappear from the face of the Cybertron along with the Neutrals to leave the whole planet as the battleground for the Decepticons and Autobots to ‘play’ around.

Once in the safe place, the Councils then gave the Neutrals missions, destroy the Seven Main Cities without being seen and confuse the Decepticons and Autobots supporters on who had destroyed the city and fuel the thirst of revenge to both leaders.

While the main cities were destroyed, the Councils created a ‘Neutral’ Youth Sectors where the Decepticon’s and Autobot’s youngling can stay and told the Neutrals to destroy it, telling them that the younglings in the youth sectors are not innocent younglings, but drones that are bread to become warriors.

(After the Youth Sectors were destroyed, this would lead to both leaders to believe that the other is to blame to destroy the future.)

The Councils then send few of their Neutrals to join either Decepticons or Autobots to spy so they can sabotage the war efforts more. The planet may be close to be dead, but its the risk they would take in order to keep their ‘Utopia’ being ‘soiled’.

Once the war had truly began, all they need to do is to wait until both sides were completely dead.


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